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A Clear Mind for the Future

February 11, 2018

Ethics is rooted in the premise of thought. The decision-making process requires a deliberate act of thinking. Whether the decision is to commit an ethical or unethical act, we are all accountable for our choices and the paths we take. There are many theories based upon the process of ethical thinking. If only the matters of ethics could be defined as common sense. For many, ethical principles are morals tied to spirituality or a religious identity. Belief in an omnipotent presence constantly watching over us, so one must act more...            

Integrity, Ownership, Respect

March 2, 2018

I attempt to live each day by three essential core ethical principles. Those principles are integrity, ownership, and respect. I give these values and in return, these are the values I would like to be shown to me. Although, I cannot dictate someone else’s actions, I do know I respond better to someone who demonstrates these same ethical qualities within our relationship. Living by these ethical principles will help me achieve my personal and professional goals. There are so many principles that one can attach to when thinking of the topic of ethics. There is no one size fits all code of ethics to conduct yourself by.

Integrity is a value that has resonated with me my entire life. This is a family value passed down more...

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