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Join our founder, Ronica Jacobs, for our June Strive Course.

When: Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 8:00pm CST

All of our introductory courses are free, but the content is just as dynamic.

Join other Strivers just like you.

There will be an opportunity to book a FREE coaching call to explore more and perhaps find out your top 5 Superpowers (strengths) to maximize your unique potential for success.

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Course Overview

When you hear the word entrepreneur, your first thought might be Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Daymond John or Susie Ma. These are high level entrepreneurs that saw opportunities to solve problems and make a lot of money. They built capital, created products and services, that are unique and became very wealthy. This webinar presents some of the ways high level entrepreneurs succeed. Have no doubts that if you are a new entrepreneur or even a solo business owner-putting these seven time management ideas to work…will advance your business to new levels. 

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Our Recent Courses

April Strive Course

Dynamically Flawsome

We could all use a boost of positivity and confidence in ourselves and in our abilities. This course offers 6 tips to embrace flaws and recognize the beauty of self-acceptance to realize you are dynamically flawsome. 

If you are interested in booking this course as a workshop for a group, please contact us at [email protected].

May Strive Course

Making Moments

We may not have been given a choice in regard to arriving here. We certainly have little control about when we leave. 

This is a webinar about using the moments of your life wisely - about being present in your mind, body, and spirit. 

If you are interested in booking this course as a workshop for a group, please contact us at [email protected].

Past Strive Courses

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